Garlicky Greens!

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment


My mom’s go-to lunch usually involves half a box of spinach, a big chunk of mild cheese and a little pat of butter.  Together, the two of us can polish off a pound of leafy greens in a couple days.  We both love spinach (I love rainbow chard and collard greens, too) and we cook them in slightly different ways.  I like my greens with a lot of garlic and lemon juice and plenty of aged, sharp cheese.

Tonight I filled up a bag of spinach from the farmers’ market and decided to whip up this dish as a supper “side.”  While this dish can definitely stand-alone, it is also one of my favorite starting-points for other recipes.  Use this recipe to bulk up a soup, add inside of a sandwich (very good!), stuff into an omelette or frittata or mix with beans (lentils or cannellini beans go nicely).

Ingredients (for one):
3 large handfuls of greens (spinach, rainbow chard, collard greens, etc.)
juice of half a lemon
4 large garlic cloves
1 tablespoon olive oil
slivers of Parmesan cheese*
sea salt, pepper

*If following a vegan diet, omit cheese.  It’s still very flavorful.


This plate of greens will shrink to a one-size portion in a matter of minutes.


1. Thoroughly wash all greens and leave damp.  The water will help the vegetables steam.  If using a heavier green like collards or rainbow chard, remove thick part of the stem and rib and reserve for a soup for another day.

2. Heat olive oil in pan on medium.  Saute chopped garlic, stirring constantly.  When garlic begins to turn golden and is aromatic, add ripped greens.

3. Cover with a lid for 1-2 minutes until leaves are bright green and wilted.  Remove lid.  Add lemon juice and stir.  Serve immediately, garnished with slivers of Parmesan cheese (you can use a carrot peeler to do this).

Diet Notes: SCD-safe, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan (see asterisk)


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